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Sacrarium Maestorum - Sorrow Black Metal

May, 24 - Sacrarium Maestorum live at "Barhat" club


Gloom, hatred and new program awaits!

VK meeting

Nightmare at the coast of the Black River


Black River - a song that began the history of Sacrarium Maestorum project.

The basic idea was formed in 2002, and the first public performance took place in 2003 at a concert of the Chelyabinsk State University Biology Department. The text begins with the mutilated passage from a poem by lord Byron "Twilight". But unlike Byron admires surrounding nature, our lyrical surround a nightmarish apocalyptic visions, and he called demons of Dream and Horror for only they can return him from the shores of the Black River.

Black River at MUSIC page

Аpril, 5 - Sacrarium Maestorum live at "Barhat" club


VK meeting

Sacrarium Maestorum

My Own Autumn videoclip ready!


Finally the videoclip for the song «My Own Autumn» is completed! This clip includes some footage sent by our fans, video they took at live performances at rock clubs "Banzai" and "Barhat" in autumn 2012.

My Own Autumn videoclip at VIDEO page

February, 10 - Sacrarium Maestorum live at "Barhat" club


February, 10 a concert at "Barhat" club. A program from Sacrarium Maestorum - darkness, hatred and new song for you!

VK meeting

Sacrarium Maestorum

Photos from gig

October, 27 - Sacrarium Maestorum live at "Barhat" club


Sacrarium Maestorum at Rock Halloween gig! Let's try out a new club "Barhat", where good sound and big scene was promised.

VK meeting

September, 29 live show at "Banzai" club


Swiss Grape Harvest Day on September 29 at "Banzai" club featuring Sacrarium Maestorum!

Local media quote ( " Sacrarium Maestorum - wild, terrifying, resonating, cutting, simply killing your ears - Gothic / Depressive Black Metal " :-D

Well, men who are waiting for that hell will not regret. But those, who dream of a quiet evening with soft music and a tiny cup of beer will be totally fucking disappointed!

VK meeting

Photos from gig

September, 1 - Sacrarium Maestorum live at "Banzai" club


Knowledge brings suffering and september, 1 you will see it for yourself! Sacrarium Maestorum, hatred and pain at "Banzai" club! You will hear a brand new composition, Don't Want This Time, and My Own Autumn, almost never played live before.

VK meeting

Photos from gig

All the photografers were totally drunk, so we have only this scary photos.

We are grateful to our fans for the support and lots of photos / videos you sent us.

One more cartridge in the clip!


So, we found new keyboards player - a soul mate and talented pianist Kathy!

Meet you at the gig on September, 1.

Tany deserted us


For unclear reasons Tany-chan left our already small ensemble.

We are negotiating with some musicians, but so far everything is uncertain. For now, I dont feel inspiration for new music. So we do not plan any live performance in the near future.

April, 19 - Sacrarium Maestorum live at bike season opening "Dry Asphalt 2012"


Steel Claws MC (Beloresk), which includes our charming Tatiana, organizes the celebration of bike season opening Sacrarium Maestorum heads the guest musicians. Concert held on April 19 at the camp site "Brigantine", Beloresk.

VK meeting

Sacrarium Maestorum at Bike Fest

February, 28 - Sacrarium Maestorum live at on a creative meeting with Anton Kosenko


MASU administration arranges a creative meeting with Anton Kosenko in order to uncover all his manifold talents to mere mortals. Since this outstanding figure of art and science took, at one time, an invaluable part in the project Sacrarium Maestorum,   we are going to shatter moldy walls of the university with heavy riffs and inhuman cries! There will be no photos. All who desire to behold our bass player without makeup, can sham a local student and get to the concert on February, 28.     Address: 536 hall, MASU, Magnitogorsk, Russia. Starting at 17:00.

February, 4 - Sacrarium Maestorum live at "Bunker" club


February, 4 - "NEW ROCK STAGE regeneration" at "Bunker" club. Of course, Sacrarium Maestorum will act.   You have a great chance to see and hear our new keyboardist, Tatiana.   In addition to the regular program - Still Death in a radically new arrangement.

VK meeting


The only photo from this gig:

Sacrarium Maestorum

June, 10 - "Alternative Night" at "Bunker" club


June, 10 Sacrarium Maestorum will perform at the «Alternative Night» gig, "Bunker" club. We are going to play duo, but you would hear a lot of new material.

VK meeting


Sacrarium Maestorum

Photos from gig

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