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Sacrarium Maestorum - Sorrow Black Metal

Sacrarium Maestorum are:

SM - Sacrarium Maestorum - Sorrow Black Metal

Santor Max

— music composer, lyricist, guitar player and vocalist. Evil unhuman, alien, misanthrope, biologist and IT engineer. Before the Sacrarium Maestorum formation recorded some dark ambient, athmospheric black and gothic(old style) music. Author of sad sci-fi stories, drawings and graphics.
Sacrarium Maestorum - Sorrow Black Metal


— bass player, alcohol-mate. Linuxoid, sociologist, teacher, graduate student of philosophy, photographer. Author of sad philosophyc stories.
Sacrarium Maestorum - Sorrow Black Metal

Kathy Max

— keyboards, composer. Pianist, artist, designer. Child books illustrator. Before the Sacrarium Maestorum formation recorded some instrumental folk/neoclassical music.



Kathy Max about Sacrarium Maestorum:

Sacrarium Maestorum - Sorrow Black Metal

        — I perform music for over 15 years. For me playing the keyboard is not a hobby and not a job. Piano is my passion and my rage. All the beauty, magic and misery of this world is full of black and white colors of the rainbow. Music is the ability to convey thoughts and feelings by sounds, to speak more clearly than words.

        When I met the guys from Sacrarium Maestorum, I was looking for associates on the musical side. But what I 've heard around the local scene, did not ignite me at all, I could not ever say "Hey, folks, that's an awesome song!". All attempts to play in local bands completely disappointed me, because, in general, there was no music at all, but a set of primitive chords, justified by the mass popularity.

        And suddenly, one ordinary dark evening party, with beer, tobacco and freaks around, Santor Max took a guitar, and then I did understand — that's it, the music I want to play! It was a truncated version of the Sacrarium Maestorum song, but even performed on acoustic guitar, it sounded great (sometimes I even prefer such acoustics versions, but it's my personal preferences). What impressed me that time — was an especial melody of songs, wrenching your guts completely, combined with a strong rhythm, assembling you back again. Burning forests, black waters, flying over the abyss, the embrace of darkness, burning dance of the night wind. Darkness, darkness, and the moonlight. After this evening — we play together, and I still do not believe that was a casual encounter — it just had to go this way.

        At the first rehearsal, it became clear that everything is not as easy as I thought — insidious keyboards were misleading its apparent simplicity, which was gradually overgrowning with refinements, unexpected combinations of harmonies and wild accelerations. Sometimes it was difficult even to remember the sequence of themes. In addition, at times it was difficult to remember the sequence of topics. And of course — the hardest thing — to achieve the teamwork of all the musicians, so we keep on playing!

        Now we perform live shows from time to time, create new songs and study, study, study. And it's really cool! For our music it is imperative to evolve and move forward, to improve, to give a part of yourself and find it in the overall sound.


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