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Sacrarium Maestorum - Sorrow Black Metal


«All our songs are stories, filled with my pain

       — Santor Max

    Thread Of Evil
    Among Your Filth
    Still I'm Sad
    Dark Waters
    Ядерная Весна
    Edged Shape
    Black River
    Mare Tenebrarum
    Don't Want This Time



Artificial life

Music and words by Santor Max © 2009

Performed by Sacrarium Maestorum

I will enter you tonight,

And while the clamps will hold you tight,

So close... at the first time!

I'll know all that I want tonight...


All that you keep inside,

All that you try to hide,

All that you are inside...

What was considered as fantastic —

If artificial life is real,

What do you hide under your plastic?

What do you hide under your steel?


The sharper blade — the thinner layer

Divide me from the second one,

I hunt the truth like beast of prey,

Looking for the ray of your inner sun


Though in your servedrives I found nothing,

My work here just have to be done,

Your slices may begin to laugh when

From thousand samples I'll take a new one


Sacrarium Maestorum - Artificial Life - Sorrow Black Metal



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