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Sacrarium Maestorum - Sorrow Black Metal


«All our songs are stories, filled with my pain

       — Santor Max

    Thread Of Evil
    Among Your Filth
    Still I'm Sad
    Dark Waters
    Ядерная Весна
    Edged Shape
    Black River
    Mare Tenebrarum
    Don't Want This Time



Still Death

Music and words by Santor Max © 2009

Performed by Sacrarium Maestorum


Whole world still — froze in time,

Dream to disappear — since we've died


Bloody worms — hang in eye,

Stillborn stir — lives no more,

Free our souls!

Let them fly!

Dream to be gone — since we've died...


Away, away, my eyes were gone,

But I was left here in the deep,

Since then I cannot live no more,

Condemned to this eternal sleep...

Though now I'm blind, I still can dream,

And through the endless cosmic sea

I will remember things my eyes

Will only somewhen have to see — so far!


Parts of whole - blind divided,

Solemn still lives our life

Still as death steal our time,

Wait for eye — eye of mine

Since we've died!

Still alive — waiting for eye

To return — deadalive!

Sacrarium Maestorum - Still Death - Sorrow Black Metal



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